Sunday, August 06, 2006

last pp lab session...

4 aug

Hav an eazy pp lab today... v are making creams this time... this is the last pp lab for sem4...

pp lab is da best lab session v have compare to others like chem, biopharm or p.micro.. v are actually learning to make drugs which v are using in our daily life... very fun very interesting...bit tiring for the past few labs, but def. worth to attend this kind of lab, more towards to a pharmacist's profession mah... but pls do say nono for pp lectures... ban... >_<

a flashback of wat v hav done in the past 8 wks...

1) powders - e.g Aspirin with codeine powders, for relieve of mild pain
2) solutions - Potassium citrate mixture BP, relief of discomfiort in UTI
3) suspensions - Magnesium carbonate suspension, to relieve symptoms in ulcer
4) ointments - paraffin liquid/ white soft paraffin, to treat skin disorders
5) suppositories - zinc oxide suppositories, to treat haemorhoids and other rectal conditions
6) creams -sulphur and salicylic acid BP, to treat acne vulgaris, warts and calluses

its really glad that v hav completed all these extemporaneous dispensing session.. dispensing lab test in 2 wks time.. hmmmm...

~ da super slumber + lame darren in da lab! ~

~ da super blurr + clumpsy one = diana.. haha ~

~ da slow n steady one ,kim ~

~ da most kacau me ~

~ best lab partners ~

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