Thursday, August 17, 2006

2 siao days..

16 + 17 August

the only thing to describe me NOW is dead, both physically n mentally.. lets look at my past 48hrs..

i wasnt feeling alrite on wed'S morning..was stil hving da bad feeling.. ntg to do with pp at all.. i revised to the least for pp dispensing lab test on the last nite.. sei mou..

anyway, dun be so sou hing lar, lets look at sumting more interesting..

ummmm did revision in the LIBRARY from 12.30-2pm..

Hav DISPENSING TEST from 2.30pm - 6pm..v had the test in the new mdl 7 on 4th floor.. woooOWww... it is a really nice lab.. but but but cant cheat at all leh.. was sitting separately far apart from each other.. T..T evyone doesnt feel good in the lab, was rather stressed up acatually, scared of doing any sillly mistake in the calcultations... overall i felt that the dispensing test wasnt that tough, its jus nice for a 3hrs paper, thou many of us neva even manage to finish to complete the forms.. some were happie n some were so depressed afta the test..

now is 11.47pm thurs, im really dead... i nid to pig immediately.. ahaa.. to be continued!@@

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