Thursday, June 19, 2008

preview - graduation ball 2008

17th June 2008 - Pharmacy Graduation Ball from university of strathcly at seamill hydro hotel, Ayshire

29 of us took a bus from Strathclyde Uni and the whole journey took us one long dreadful hour to reach Asyhire.

Graduation ball brings me lots of fun last night. It was such a memorable night to be with my dear lou poh and my friends.

I have uploaded some original size pics here. Will upload another same set of edited version pics later on. And will try to get more from my friends tomorrow. Click to download

pharmacy group pic 1
pharmacy group pic 2
pharmacy group pic 3
p105 group pic
the gals
the guys


xh said...

hey thx for the photos :) had a great time together wit everyone.. P105 rox!

ti3nD said...

you are welcome :P

yeah. think this ball is much more fun compared to the imu ball.

p105 yeah :)