Saturday, June 21, 2008

A dinner for 5

As a token of appreaciation to housemates of flat G4 for allowing me to stay here for the following 4months plus, i prepared a dinner meal for them last night.

There are yummy nasi lemak with hot curry chicken (without sambal), sizzling toufu with minced pork (which didnt turn out so right) and red bean soup.

Nah red bean soup for you lynn. Thank you for the simple recipe :P

Hopefully there are more things that i can prepare for you guys in future! haha :)

On the other hand, there is this interesting day tour with Jim wilson tomorrow :

Sunday 22 June – Sunday afternoon saunter

Discover one of Glasgow’s ‘hidden gems’

We go to the city’s West End to visit Victoria Park and Fossil Grove (Glasgow’s prehistoric forest!!)

Meet Jim on George Square (at the lions) at 1.30pm

Return fare on train will be approximately £2

p105iers and juniors, if interested, give it a go, see ya there tomorrow! :)

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