Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Interesting photo taking skills

About a year ago, i used my camera case as tripod and took a group picture with all my friend in dundee, that was considered one interesting photo taking skill, no?

During my trip to spain + portugal, i managed to catch some really interesting shots.

#1 - Hsheong - without noticing me taking his pic, with a great smile helping other to take picture.

#2 - Pjoo - on the other hand, realising the distraction from me, gave a 'tulan' face straight.

#3 - Hsheong + Pjoo - Hmmmm, they have something in common, but what is that huh?

#4 - Uncle lim - is taking a photo from very far

for miss pinky :P

#5 - Mr and Mrs Lau can both be very helpful also

#6 - Jian - trying his best to catch a nice shot infront of palace de madrid

#7 - We - are trying to catch some shadows and we succeeded

#8 - Wjiun - is happy with using windows wall as her natural tripod

And the results for night view is superb

# 9 - Hsheong - is trying really hard in photo taking during the night

#10 - Perhaps, he is not alone.

They are trying their very best to capture this cucumber building in Barcerona.

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