Thursday, June 22, 2006

surprise bd's eve for talll marshian, jian!

19 jun

Again, its time to get up when my alarm sounded at 8am… having da same lazyness when I supposed to get up evy morning for classes…

Hav a lecture on biopharm and an intro class of pp by david chong… da intro class was Zzzzzzz…. He speaks like pausing btwn evy 3words like eJ said… Cant stand da way he lectures sumtime =_=’

Afta class, hav lunch with buddies at OUG, den everyone PRETEND to go home or cont for lab session for gp D ppl..

Accompany qris to sg wang to grab jian’s bd present, a gundam model n a Portugal jersey.. later got to ‘date’ jian out for dinner as I tipu him that I kena ffk for sport so I stayed up till dinner time… v went ‘feng tai’ restaurant at sri petaling for dinner, da rest are all there edy, and da funny part was that da restaurant aunty actually BROKE our little surprise to jian when jian wants to take order for food.. da same big gang of us, celebrate an early bd for jian’s 22nd bd~!

Happie 22nd' burday brotha~! ;)

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