Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mr and Mrs chan's burfday

First, we will say happie 23rd burfday to Qristine liew (aka. mrs chan).

So here is what happened last 2 year - its really interesting to read back how crazy we were back in vista :P

Then last year on 15th june, we had bbq session to celebrate qris' 22nd burfday. That was the first time we had bbq in glasgow.

And after exactly one year, we had bbq session again, for the second time in glasgow, to celebrate qris' 23rd burfday this time. It was such a coincident as we have the urge to do bbq at this summer.

We had very simple stuffs like chicken wings and sausages, fried rice, baked potatoes only. Anyway, they tasted great.

To my surpise, juniors (jing yew and hsemates) actually baked a cheese cake for qristine. That was like their 4th day in glasgow nia. Geng geng!

This is the only group pic i received so far. Actually there are more, of course.

Okay that is all for qristine liew. Next, move on to mr chan - say happie burfday to mr abuhaha.

It is very weird. Again, i only managed to find my post back to 2 years ago. The post in glasgow is missing. -_-"

Then last year, we celebrated jian's 23d burfday in Oneils. That was the first time we went to Oneils.

Since many are going off to europe tour at this time, qris decided to have an early surprise celebration for jian.

It was a surprise party right after we came back from graduation ball at about 1.40am.

Happie burfday mr and mrs chan! :)

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