Friday, June 20, 2008

University of Strathclyde Phamarcy Graduation Ball 2008

2 invitation cards were received dated 14 march 2008.

And the big day has finally arrived.

17th June 2008 - It is my Graduation Ball day. Pharmacy Graduation Ball at Seamill Hydro Hotel, Ayshire

29 of us took a bus from Strathclyde Uni and the whole journey took us one long dreadful hour to reach Asyhire.

The first thing we do upon arrival is to take pictures with each other. And this has continued for the next few hours until we left the hotel.

The entrance to the ball room is very inviting. I heart the decorations!

The setting in the ball room was comfortable. We were served with champagne before seated.

The very little guys vs the many gals.

Next, lets move on to my table. Each table was named after a class of drug, very creative. My table was called long acting beta blockers, LABA in short.

Each table was well set - besides the usual cutleries set, there are few bottles of wine, some scotch whisky, cut out glittering papers and 2 old-grandma-type-film type-plastic-cameras.

Its picture time next :

The 10 of us :

The 8 of us :

The 6 of us :

The 4 of us (many) :

The 3 of us :

And finally the 2 of us :)

Photos of FOod :

We were served with 4 course meal - an appetiser, a soup, main course and a dessert.

Photos of Housemates and I :

The many pictures of Me and others :

We also have this yam seng session infront of all angmohs. Think they all sure stunt when heard us shouting like crazy people - YaaaammmMmmmmmmmmmMmmmMmmMmmMmmMmmM Seng!

Besides all that, we have more than 2 hours of dancing session. Some dance called for couples, some called for group of 6 and some involved almost everyone. It was really fun. At least, i have experinced scottish dance - ceilidh dance (pronounced as kay lee)!

After 17 years of studying, i can finally graduate as a professional pharmacist. Im really glad.

Some random pics :

Group pics :

Original size group pics download here.

I still need more time to edit the group pics.

As for now, say gg to pharmacy graduation ball post! I smell weekend! wooohooO! :)


phuayfhern said...

Thanks Tien for posting so many great pics!! It was a really fun night. I was wondering what the home students were thinking when we did the long long yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm sennnnnnnngggg!

Seriously going to miss u all so much! great posting up of the pics. I was too lazy so I did it in FaceBook instead.

Love ya all!

ti3nD said...

haha u are welcome.

yeah totally agree with you phuay fhern. it was so much fun compared to imu punya ball. like the settings, like the people, like the dance, like the food.

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