Wednesday, June 21, 2006

qris 21st bd~

15 june

Attended classes as usual, no mood to stay focus in class ler… @@
Afta class, da same gang, vb + mei qi gathered at mid valley for celebration with qristine!
Failed to catch the premium of Fast n furious : Tokyo driff, sry qris! Oly had dinner ther..

Afta dinner, got back to vista n da fun continues… fooled qris n jian of searching notes ard at pool area while v gathered at jian’s unit with akmal’s assistant… kekeke… afta a long searching without any finding, they are ‘invited’ to come back home with so called punishments.. qris was blind folded n required to do certain tasks for her bd…

As usual, its tradition to kena cream cake for 21st bird day!

Happie 21st burday qris!! ;)

~ first stage, candy in salt.... ~

~ 2nd stage, passing da peanuts... ~

~ third stage, licking tomato sauce... ~~ v are celebrating for our v.gud fren's bd! ~

' wat v gonna do now???? '

Afta that, went to student lounge for world cup match btwn England n Trinidad & tongo… trinadad played well in defending n counter attack.. england’s star players frank lampart n peter crouch missed so many kick on target on;( but overall England played well n managed to score 2-0 in da end…

got back to vista late night.... Zzzz~

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