Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2 consecutive nights on steamboat :)

We had our late chap goh mei celebration last friday since everybody is busy with his/her results for research project before that.

Thks to smiin n wjiun who went to Baras wet market for getting the big prawns plus some boneless fishes. :)

Then, we headed to chung ying at 2pm and these were what we bought - 115 pounds = ~rm1000


The one/person big prawns from Baras!

After the JBC Broke In incident, we cant wait any longer but to start FEASTING ourselves with steamboat - there were tomyam soup, chicken soup, bak kut teh and porridge base!

The next day, the same gang of people had another steamboat session. This time, we had fried tomyam mihun, curry flavor maggi goreng, 'tung fen' & not to forget tomyam soup for steamboat!

and the 3rd day, we cooked soup with the leftover-fu-zhou-vege-konnonya-fishballs plus some crabsticks and dried bean curd for dinner! :)

Reminder : There will be a celebration for cny hosted by student union 7.30pm tomorrow!!!

"another celebration will take place on the 26th Feb atthe Student's Union and its absolutely free!!u do not hav to do anythin at all!!!jus bring urself and ur frens....would be great if u can dress in red or any chinesetraditional costume tat u have...

we will be having a lion dance display, chinese ribbondance, chinese caligraphy and lantern making..and most of all FOOD from ASIA STYLE, HONG KONG CAFEand DRAGON-i restaurant.....absolutely free u do nothav to pay a dime!!

there will also be fortune cookies and a great chinesenew year do come and join us for agreat night of extended chinese new year celebration!!

it starts at 7.30pm till bout 10.30pm at the Vertigowhich is level 8 at the union...would b a really fun event!!"

from jin werne~"

See you guys there tomorrow!!! :)

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