Tuesday, February 26, 2008

edison + nicholas + gillian + cecilia funny video


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March 10, 2008 Updates from the Hong Kong legal community side:

Several of our colleagues here were working and preparing for the legal cases for these people and it is ridiculous for the people here to not even see the full evidences and to support the list of prostituting Gillian, Bobo, Cecilia, etc. entertainment girls. What Edison was trying to tell everyone and he had said this in front of many of the guys and the entertainment community – that these women are not worth to be married, not worth to be a motherhood, and that he had keep telling the HK party goers’ communities as such endless times on how idiotic the husbands to take these women whom he knew so well on how low they are on performing endless cheating and intercoursing acts for him whenever he asked to and at any occasion behind all of their husband, boyfriend, family, and children. It is not a matter of whether these prostitutes in the form of movie star/singer idols had a choice or not to play with her own body orgnans and smilingly slutting the moan of cheating acts with Edison as their human right, it is the immoral and pure unethical to the blood of these prostitutes that Edison wanted the world to see these ladies in a reality of light – that they are really truly lower than prostitutes who worked to feed their family while these Gillian, Bobo, Cecilia, etc. don’t have to but still do it for free whenever Edison asked for. Just go asked the clubs workers that Edison visited regularly in HK, literally all of them will tell you how Edison bragged but showed off how he can literally call up anytime upon Gillian, Bobo, Cecilia, and etc. list of girls in the pictures to give free intercourses and dirty acts on him despite whatever engagement, fiancé, boyfriend, husband, children these women already committed to. Gillian cheating around her own fiancé endless times for free (just wait till you guys see the next remaining video from HK community highlighting Edison intercoursing while asking Gillian if it is ok for her fiancé to take this and she just answered so what nobody will know…..), Bobo cheatings around her husband (the second batch of videos coming out in the future will show Bobo intercoursing with Edison even with her pregnancy, Edison asked if such many free intercoursings behind her husband back can affect the baby in the stomack or not, but Bobo told him to shut up while riding on me… the way, this second set of video was paid heavily by her late husband family insider to see thus why the divorced immediatly, not the simple pictures from the first set released to public – those are nothing), and worse with Cecilia (Nic already seen the second batch of videos from insider leak showing Edison getting free intercoursings while even asking Cecilia if Nic and Lucas her son will mind it, but Cecilia just said they won’t know it and keep moaning while riding on Edison…..). There are many other girls in the remaining picture/videos that the HK police didn’t dare to show yet because they really truly put many many movie star/singers intercousing with Edison endless times in actual comments of how dirty they were and unethical they are. These are truly worst than prostitute acts to even said as a human right or animal right. Many HK communities are actually thanking Edison for exposing how low these women are, and reminding them that if they ever choose to marry any of these dirts of people, they are accepting the fact that if they got a movie start/singer wives, they most likely have been just giving free intercousing numbers to any pretty face man on earth think just like these list of girls that no one will know and who cares even if I am pregnant, engaged, married, or have a son – a so what attitude while the public fans worshipping them as idol. And they will continue cheating with your brother, relatives, best friends, and colleagues when they got a chance. Tell us how any decent loving husband can take such acts of immorality in the blood any more than now (unless he just want a temporary satisfactions or a complete idiotic to wearing the biggest Green Hat of Humiliation of Mankind for life). Even we as a lawyer that see heavy incidents in our career, can’t even stand such unethical level of these girls.

Edison List of Free Unlimited Call-Girls Cecilia, Gillian, Bobo/Candice, Maggie Q, 2R Rosanne & Race Wong, Vincey, Jolin Tsai, Elva Hsiao, 8 wealthy Hong Kong family daughters
March 14, 2008 updates from our legal colleagues in Hong Kong community:

Heavy funds allocated by these list of free-call girls to the triad and legal side to prevent the remaining pictures and videos to be released. Insider sources confirmed that these remaining pictures and videos were a lot more horrendous than earlier with these lower than prostitute girls acting in gang intercourses with Edison and among themselves together just like strayed dogs in Hong Kong streets. These girls are so worried that their regular dirt of activities will finally be all revealed, thus the heavily allocated fund is to stop the public to know their truths so that they can use the excuse that they are still clean and honorable with dignity lady like a virgin. These funds also were used to stop other good-looking male entertainers to leak the truths that they also had been getting free intercourses from these list of free call-girls, and also treat to push them out of the industry if they started to be honest and dignified with realities, as well as not allowing them to get further free intercourses from new-comer girls to the entertainment industry. It is a requirement of new-comers to the entertainment industry to give free unlimited intercourses with other actors, directors, tycoons several times till they are satisfied to
make them into a star.
So, anyone of you that date and married a movie star, actor, singer, just be prepared to face the truth someday (ie, there is no secret in this world, just a matter of time with karma) that you had been wearing the biggest Green Hat of the Universe for life, humiliated by the world as having the lowest women as strayed dog sex as a wife, and your children need to figure out idiotically which one of the 80+ men getting free penetration to his/her moms is their real dad or actually a soda club mixture of all 80+ men into a children of one.

Lucas Tse (probable degraded son of Slutty Cecilia Cheung mom and Green Hat Nicholas Tse dad) Top 10 Questions he knew the answers of when growing up:

After spending long hours among the Hong Kong legal colleagues working with the managers, consultants, and advisors to all these slutty entertainment call-girls in the form faked career cheaters to the public and immoral to their own blood & souls, we sidelined together from the massive dirts of these lower-than-prostituting girls’ evidences yet undisclosed coming up with these list for your thought and public to intellect prior to allowing yourself and generations to worship them as idols:

1. Mom, how come everytime you said these men are your good friends, you ended up having all of their dicks in your mouth and they ended up licking your body?
2. Mom, how come everytime you said these male Uncles are your very good friends, you ended up giving free intercourses anytime these Uncles call you up?
3. Mom, are these men and Uncles of your good and very good friends, all my Dad in actuality? I will call all of them my horny Dad moving forward.
4. Mom, I saw you had slept with about 80+ men as long as they look decent and have money or status, how come you can not have a basic loyalty and pride in a decent loving family and with one and only honorable Dad as the man?
5. Mom, am I made up of these 80+ mens’ sperms and your only one contaminated ovary egg?
6. Mom and Dad, I saw on the World’s Pedigree competition, the dog that stay the truest to their root, clean, pure, with one key selected partner as honor always won the most respects by the world and all the intellectuals of all walks; and the dogs that getting mixed-up with 80+ other dogs everytime they see a holes to intercourses got zero respect and dignity by anyone, how come I am part of the latter one by all fronts?
7. Mom, how come all of your women friends are acting the same way as you do and consciously in my heart and soul I felt it is incorrect and your women friends are untruthful and depreciating your heart and soul? But you just keep demoralized my soul and humiliated by being lower than prostitute’s son of strayed dogs.
8. Mom and Dad, how come you and your entertainment women friends always lied that you loved art, music, and dance thus why working in your field; but all I see is low grade arts, copied musics, plagiarized dances, little to no investment in time nor energy in anything other than most of you spending sex with one another, cheating all night with different male Uncles and good and very good friends of your proclaimations with all their dicks in your body’s different orifices, dirtying your body everyday and everynight? Is this art, is this music, is this dance for me to learn and follow for life?
9. Mom and Dad, you are my greatest role model, what you did and what all the male Uncles and good and very good male friends of your did and told/show me will be best role model for me to follow. I will start giving all my orifices to other male Uncles, good friends, and very good male friends of yours too. And also give my dick with live videos to all your entertainment and any decent looking ladies in the world behind their boyfriend, fiance’, husband, families, and childrens? I am thinking to start acting like all of you, maybe when I turn 8 years old? The sooner to follow you and all the male Uncles, male good friends and very good male friend of yours, the better it is for me right? I am so proud to know the way of my Mom’s intellect early in life the moment I go to school with everyone laughing and intercoursing at me.
10. Mom, I heard and learn the word pureliness, dignity, moral, ethic, pride, honor, value, and commitment as a decent human being to this society and family; and as a role model to the public when one lived on their trust, income, and feeling. Do I have one, or will I ever have one, Mom?

These applies to all couples and families with one of both of them a movie star, singer, actor, model, proclaimed as ‘art’ to the infidel orgasm parties every night hiding behind all of their extremely thick pretty face of unashamed look. We are told that an honorable human being knows “the more influence and power one had, the more responsibility one needs to take for the sake of yourselve, your beloved ones, and a footprint to this society moving forward for at least one brighter and cleaner life to be influenced.”

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