Tuesday, February 19, 2008

15mins from you....HELP ME PLS!

All my frens from p105,

i was chosen to conduct a final year student survey for students of strathclyde university from the times newspapers.

There are about 8-10more students like me who are doing the same job for university of strathclyde, but they are surveying students from different courses.

The survery consists of 70 mcqs and it is all about your plans for life after university. It will take you approximate 15 -20 mins to complete them! (if it does take >15mins, i will feel very guilty + paiseh!)

So my job is to complete at least 20 survey sets for them. I am taking this job very seriously and i hope i can enjoy doing it. I know it is a bad time now (although biopharm just over, lots more to go - presentation on wed? research project results on fri?), i would really appreciate if you guys can spend 15mins for me and help me out!

I need to get them done by this friday.

(I will be paid for this job, that is why i am doing it. )

If you think you can help me, drop me a note on my msn @! i will follow the time that best suits you. Your help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

many many thanks!!!

I have received a goodie bag from the sponsors. Lets take a look....

The top 3's weird thing that i received were as followed :

1) Philips light bulb

2) Loreal shampoo + conditioner

3) And the best thing that i heart -

~A rubic cubes ~

Walaoyeah.... really not bad huh?

Help me please?

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