Thursday, February 14, 2008

CNY Reunion Dinner@glasgow

updated 19 feb - add in cny food pics!

Wowww.. back to CNY reunion dinner night.. i know it is already OUT-DATED, but i am gonna catch up slowly bah. nid to study biopharm mah @___@

ok back to 'sam sat man' 06 feb 2008

A preview of what we had that night.. i will update again when i get all the pics later on....

1) we bought 2 packets of CHEAP lamb chops from co-ops, 5.99pounds reduced to 0.99pence per packet. And there goes all of them, into the pot. This is my contribution for the night ---> lamb stew!

Ingredients from adam's recipe - lamb slices, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions, mushrooms and the soup paste! (i forgot the name liao, deng!)

We had really alot of food in one night. Back home, there will be like 9-10 dishes for reunion dinner. And i rarely eat those 'reunion' dishes like big prawns, duck, ah ma's self-made fishballs soup, pig trotters, sea cucumber, nam yu pork ribs n more more MORE! n i used to drink alot ALOT of beers during 'sam sat man'! Where as for that night, thks uncle lim n hsheong for getting us some smirnoff plus coke! :)

But today, proudly i present to you the 10 dishes. There were 21 of us from 5units plus kim hoe's bro.

Lets see - lamb stew, vyeaw's kung po chicken, jian's special bap zan chicken, smiin n hsemates' gu lou pork + fried vege + green bean tong shui, wjiun n hsemates' yin yang chicken, darren n hsemates' curry chicken + fruits, adam's seafood soup that contains ABALONES, qris n hsemates' loh hon zhai + hui shi's tong shui, and not to forget ejie's special-can-get-married-in-china-soup!

Present to you - OUR REUNION DINNER

And the 21 of us @ jbc block H3 + J2 unit, as usual....

Hsemates @ cny night...walaoyeah.... @_@

Seriously i dont have any CNY feel for this cny, even now at day 8 dy. I stil remembered i was very happy that day right after my presentation. On the other hand, that c2pid news on pp3 the night before really pulled me down. Anyway...

SO after dinner, it is time to HOI TOI.....

Vyeaw trying to say NO to gamble, and obviously it is not going to work larh...

Happy cny peeps, day 9 dy, paiseh arh!

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