Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reminiscence of CNY...

updated 20 feb - more pics added

It is the day 12th of CNY dy. But i got no FEEL at all geh? @________@

SIENZ lorh.

Looking back to last 2 years, i really had lots of fun spending my nights in vista with them.

Then last year we had bai nian trip from my hse to darren's hse, to hsheong's hse, den to kim hoe's hse then to qristine's hse and finally to adam's hse....

And back to this CNY @ glasgow >>> check out my older (updated post) here. We did celebrate cny reunion night plus cho yat cny class party, but the following nights cho Yee, cho sam, cho sei, cho mm, cho lok n so on were all spent with BIOPHARM module notes. It is over! haha. Now I am looking forward to 15th day of cny, where we will be having another celebration again.


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