Thursday, February 28, 2008

cny@student union part2

Besides having a taste of good food from the famous Asian Style, Dragon I and Hong Kong cafe, watching lion dance performance, there were caligraphy and paper cutting workshop too!

And for the lion dance performance, is was quite special.

There was a snake as prop. But what is it for? Some said that it must be linked to a word with "snake" in mandarin to make up a 'cheng yu".

But we were wrong again. This lion became bor shong with this little snake and started to bite it. Hmmm...

And the snake died. Gua? damn lame rite this lion dance performance?

Since this lion was under heavy influnces of western culture and it drank wine, eventually became drunk in the end. lolz

Overall, it was a good performance lorh. *claps claps!

Oh ya, heard that Asian Style recently open a branch in Hope street, is it True? response please. tq :P

cny@student union part 1

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