Wednesday, February 27, 2008

still no news from the police!

4 days has passed, and yet we dont get any news from the police whether or not they manage to catch the 2 other thieves.

Ed found out that the laundry door hasnt been fixed yet. We are very concern over the issue because anyone can just enter and camp in the laundry again!!! @___@


the response from a V.O staff was " it cant be fixed! "

On the other hand, Ky emailed the President of the halls committee of JBC and voiced his concerns 2days ago.

He received a reply as below -
"No problem, thanks for that I will pass on the word at the meeting this Wednesday. That was unfortunate that it happened to your friends, and hopefully nothing like this will happen in the future.
Hope all it well, Kirsty"

Kah yao lorh strathclyde police!!!

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