Thursday, February 28, 2008

A late cny party @ student union

Last night, hsemates and i went for the cny party hosted by student union. It was rather a late celebration. LOTS of people turned up last night, all in a hope of getting good food (from the famous Asian style, hong kong cafe and drgaon I restaurant) and to watch some performances.

However, the food provided were really limited, owing to the large number of imu plus home students + glasgow uni + caledonia uni chinese students.

The nasi lemak from Asian Style was definitely jeng jeng :)

We were told that there will be a lion dance performance. We thought that they are going to play us a lion dance video on a big screen with projectore but we were wrong.

We saw LIVE lion dance performance by some students here in glasgow!!!

We didnt stay there for too long and many of us left when the ribbon dance performance began...

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