Thursday, July 27, 2006

da Roasters Chicken Run 06'...

23rd July

Participated in the annual chicken run with family n frens... glad to see that so many of my imu frens turn out day.. bit disappointed that few of them actually registered but cudnt make it..

the run was fun.. as the title of the run suggested, chicken run, v are assigned to carry an egg on an icecream cone while running... if the egg breaks at any point during the run, den u are out..

de distance is bout 3.8km... for me, it was a terrible run.. i find it rather diff. to run inside a golf course.. as there were constant uphills, downhills path..

however, the results from the run were so so so so so so amazing.. imu had once again brought up the name in running event... for guys, aaron made it 11th, imu staff raven got 12th, and i got 13th... ahhaa.. 3 of us won ourselves a hamper! :)

while on the gals side... it was shocking! paik ling got 9th... step got 8th... nisha got 6th... voon li got 3rd.. and lay in got 1st in the open women category... wowWw wowWww wowwWwww~ congrats guys~!!!!!! our imu gals are really so so so crazy in dominating running field lerrrr...

lay in had got herself a total prize worth rm4000+, which include a 3d/2n duo trip to redang(rm2500), 6months fitness first membership(rm1500), 10 IMax theather tickets(rm150), kenny roger voucher (rm150), a medal and a cert! :O

afta the run, there were foodfair and games going on.. v waited for prize giving n first rd lucky draw.. evybody was aiming for the big big big big big plasma tv worth rm9999... but in da end, v didnt stay up for further lucky draw as the time was quite late dy...

another tiring day during the wkend....................

~ a gp pic! ~

~ voon li on the left, while lay in is da middle one~

~ some of the imu runners... at least 10more were missing in action... ~

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