Wednesday, July 12, 2006

da night without electricity...


TODAY was a tired day!! had cal since 8.30am, came back home oly at bout 5.30pm... went jogging, rested awhile, n get ready in front of comp, rdy for challenges..

i skipped tkd training today as im involve in a treasure hunt.. imu sent 2 teams for spirit of melaka treasure hunt thingy.. there are a total of 268teams, but oly 100 teams will be qualified to go to melaka for the real hunt on this sat.. a qualifying rd had been set up to eliminate 168 teams tonite... :/

there are 8 of us, 4 in a team.. 5 of us manage to gather our workforce and ans all the 4questions via sms, hopefully correctly n being the first 100 teams to ans correctly??

v tot they might ask us on history of melaka, but it turned out to be not.. take a look at the ques bah :
1) how old is the star publication by 9 sept 2006?
2) the official street of jonker street of melaka is located at.... ?
3) how many digi specialised centres are ther in melaka?
4) the spirit of kl finals was flagged off at dataran merdeka, true or false..

v managed to solve the ques by checking on internet.. spent at least half an hour on that...
gud lucks den~!

afta saying bye to my teammates on msn.. not long later when i want to take my dinner, the electricity cuts off.. @___@ the whole lot of hses were in the dark.. hmmm managed to hav candle light dinner with 2 sista... afta that was jus lazing and hoping that the electricity come back fast... afta all, its realy bored to be in the dark!!

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