Tuesday, July 04, 2006

VB semnual dinner

30 june

"Its 3rd week of sem4 already... its time to gather n hav a reunion dinner for vb..dont we had it for da last 3 sem edy?? " that jus pop up in qris' mind a week ago, n was agreed to held it on tonight...
During the lunch hour, jian, qris, yeaw n me went to shop at carefour... tonight's theme food will be 'yong tau fu'... afta shopping, they started to prepare and cookout at bout 3pm.. da main chefts were qirs, vyeaw, kah yee n hsheong... while the rest of us were having lab session...

Afta the exhausting lab session(so long v dont hav lab since...), powder/solution lab from 2.30 - 6pm, tired + hungry, v made our hungry stomach back to vista.. nyummmm... most of the food are ready to eat... mostly are fried dumplings, fishballs+toufu, wantans, chilli +purple vege?... waited for hsheong to complete his dish today >> lou zhu yuk(cooked pork meat +egg)... with all fried food, bsides fried yong tau fu, v hav longan liong fen as drink2.. watermelon ler?? was left in da fridge..(forgot tim) da food were great.... nyum nyummmmm ;p

guys, its really glad to gather up n COOK + EAT... too bad joanne(restricted to ctower?? ) n kim(nid to go back to kjg) cudnt make it...

afta that, v got to visit the tanglung fest at jalil main stadium..
there were lotsa freaking great performances, except for 'bian lian'(bored music +performance), the chinese guys from china are really geng, i luv their arts so so much... really salute to them!

At 10.30pm, v made ourselves back to vista.. den rushed to ajima mamak for a great wc match btwn argentina n germany.. it was a fantastic match... glad that germany made it into the semi..haha :)

Got back to vista by 2am... its pigging time...ZZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzz!

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