Sunday, July 23, 2006

unexpected results from mapcu track n field..

22nd july

OVERNITE at vista yesterday as i nid to get up early today.. met up with da rest of runners at 7.30am. headed our way to stadium masushita with sum panic... this is our assumption b4 the run : v are NOT gonna win, v dun hav any sprinters in imu, any college with a state runner or even jus a district player is gonna dominate the track events.....

it kicks off with 15oom guy event,,, aaron n kit jin were the runners... the opponets were so scary... s predicted, aaron oly made it to 5th placing while kit jin finish the run last... what a bad bad starting.... he truth is that the opponents were really strong!

next up was 100m male n 100m female.. its great to see my bro, zhuon back into action on track events.. he is a school runner.. was a district champion.. this time he is representing kbu college.. while from imu, v hav chun peng n nikki for the 100m event..
bang....! within seconds, a clear gap was made between the first 3 n the rest.. zhuon came up to be 3rd, jus a step behind the 2nd... while for gal 100m, nikki came up to be 2nd.. so da FIRST medal for imu, congrats!

the next one was 200m.. jack n million.. dey tried their best.. jus cudnt make it.. arghh!

next up, 400m... patrick n yanee is in action.. patrick grabbed the SECOND silver medal by coming back second... while yanne brought the first glory to imu, emerged as the fastest in 400m gal.. the first gld medal.. and its the THRID medal for imu..

next is 800m.. its finally my turn.. wai meng n me will be running.. i was jus hoping for a medal b4 coming to this mapcu run.. i came back to be second, jus a step behind the champion... i cudnt figure out why i jus cant give myself the maximun push at that moment to grab the gold medal back.. well, shudnt repeat this kind of mistake in coming imu cup! hrmmmph... the FOURTH medal for imu..

there was a short break afta 8oom.. that time was edy 11pm.. imagine running under the hot sun... terrible! next event, 4x100m.. our guys team - patrick, jack, teng, chun peng, while the gals team - nikki, lay in, lily, yannee... da guys made it 4th, aiyaks, while the gals made it second, wowwW! the FIFTH medal...

last but not least, 4x400.. guys - aaron, me, wai meng, patrick(again?), v made it 3rd, ther is noway to compete with the first two teams at all...the SIXTH medal.. kekeke :) gals - stephanie, million, lay in, yannee(again? ).. n v expected of the results.. dey grabbed gold, where dey were half a lap leading the 2nd team.. walao!!!! :O last n determining medal, the SEVENTH medal..

the superman for todays event goes to patrick, while superwoman goes to yannee! :p

surprisingly, imu came up to be the overall 1st runner up!!!!!! wow Wow wow.. evybody are jumping into joyous.. overall results - 2 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze.. WELLDONE! patrick, u did a good job! congrats to all my running mates! :)
* mapcu = Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities *
afta the run, its time for celebration, of cos.. charmine had agreed to subsidise us EXTRA rm250 for this shocking results... its da first time imu won 1st runner up in track events..time for celebration! wahhahahahahahaha... v had manhattan fish market in mv, the food was nyummyyyyy... guess how much v paid for this delicious meal.... ?




jus rm2 each person!!!!!! shhhhhhhhh :)

some pics taken :-

~ zhuon n jack running 200m ~
~ is million, running with barefoot ~
~ she is the superwoman in track, yannee! ~
~ imu 400m king n queen, patrick + yannee ~
~ me + patrick + aaron + wai meng
~ my hair is too thick??? ~
~ 4x400 mapcu champ, million + step + lay in + yan nee
~ me + zhuon ~
~4x400, third placing.. ~
~ trust me pharm ppl, v r gonna WIN this yr imu cup! ~
~ back shot! ~
~ and a front shot of joy! ~
~ overall 1st runner up, heheh ;p ~

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