Tuesday, July 04, 2006

darn it!!!! !@#*~!

3 july

At bout 9.30pm, while trying to get myself on to MODULES yest nite… got called by uncle billy very shockingly… was told that dad’s shop was robbed n dad nearly injured by knife…wat the…… afta confirm that dad n da other 2 workers are fine, rushed to dad’s shop with zhuon n uncle billy..

2 indians pretend to buy cake n was intended to rob from my dad… one of them was holding a 1m long knife n another with a stick… afta dissatisfaction of getting a small amount money from the cashier, bout rm200+, da guy with stick hit my dad near the shoulder… and the stick broke into half.. luckily dad’s workers were being alert enough to grab a chair n stick to fight back… da 2 f***** ran off over the bridge n headed over to the opposite of the road thru LDP highway.. if ramped by car during the run, v wouldn’t pity them at all..

A motorbike n a helmet were left over.. da police inspected n identified that the motorcycle bears a faked plate no.. went to police station to lodge a report with dad at KJ..

Bless that dad can recover fast, as he is going tkd senior upgrading this sun…
bless that police are doing their work, get to catch da robbers a.s.a.p!
My worries are stil there, worry that those f***** might come back for revenge soon or later..

A reminder to all my beloved frens, pls be aware when stay out late in the night, get frens to accompany all time, be alert from any1 ard…!!

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