Tuesday, July 04, 2006

mapcu road relay + twins 20th bd~

1st July

@@ Got my lazy self up when my hp alarm rang at 5.50am.. take a quick wash up, grab some biscuits n met up da rest of imu runners at 6.30am… imu sent 2 teams for road relay mapcu event… its held at KBU, pj!

V reached KBU by 7.10, being da very FIRST team to reach… ermm mayb v are jus too early for Malaysian timing.. haha!

There were only 7 teams in total, n not surprisingly; imu came out with champion n 1st runner up… welldone!!!!!

Afta da event, jack made a call to charmine, da dialogues as follow :-
Jack : Hi charmine, sry that v couldn’t make it for road relay…
Charmine : HUhhhhh.. watt…omgg~!
Imu mates : ahhhaah… hahahahh…
Jack : v hav made a record for imu this time.. v won champ n1st runners..
Charmine : wow.. wow.. congrats!
Jack : so… lunch on SAD?
Charmine : well, sure……

Hence, v went da curve for celebration… kekekek…

b4 the run kicks off.. ~

da guys + manager~

+ supporter chun peng

da gals + supporters~

mapcu 1st runner up~

mapcu champion ^^ ~

say huuuray!~

imu running kakis ~

Afta lunch, da nex thing I did was to go to mechanic shop to check up my car, as there is some prob with my car.. changed a set of spark plugs n air filter… and headed back home n pigggggedddd afta taken a bath.. Zzz till 6.10pm when my alarm rang again… changed n headed to kenangan bar for su ann & su lin bd celebration with darren…

Happie 20th su lin n susu :)

su lin + susu

m3 + darren + kim + wmeng

+ vyeaw + bd gals

Left da bar at 11pm n headed to yin’s curry hse with hoo n seng to watch da match btwn eng n protugal! Eng played really well without beck, n with rooney sent off… but… they lost 1 – 3 in penalty shootout!

Got back home at 1.50am… bath.. n ready to watch another exciting match… this is the first time I stayed up late to support my fav team > Brazil… but again….. aiiiiiiiiihhhhhzzz… dunno wats wrong with them.. couldn’t perform at all n their defence is jus too easily breakable.. or perhaps france played too well with zidane n henry?
Disappointed match afta all, brazil lost 0 -1 to france… went Zzzz straight afta da match ended at 5am…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~!

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