Sunday, July 23, 2006

welcoming b106 to pharmcay journey!

21st july

TODAY is white color codec day... all p105 are required to dress up in white in da most creative ways.. wit no ideas, surprisingly, yih jing, akmal n me were voted to be the best dressed for today.. receive a small proze as a token of appreciation.. ahhaa..later, v went up to the 4th floor, the sky floor to snap a class pic! :)

~ two times winner for bess dressed, yih jing ~~ Akmal ~
~ Me + fifi + ah meng ~

~ p105 white codec day! ~

afta lecture, had a fun volleyball session with frens for 2hrs.. nid to train back for vb liao, seriously!

its da last day of b106 orientation.. must stay back to play play wan.. did stay up for telematch today.. all da events were carried out in imu student parking lot.. its not that happening compare to our last orientation for p106... ways too boring.. i was there with wmeng at 7+.. oly bout 70% juniors turn out on the last day, which means at least 30 ppl gonna skip tonite's greatest exp. of life in pharmacy, known as the greatest discovery+tradition of pharmacy = tunnel !

this year besides the tradition one long passage tunnel, bpharm had came up da idea of extra spinning pool.. walaoyehhh geng chou..!!

anyhow, welcome b106, welcome to pharmacy, welcome to imu ^^

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