Friday, February 27, 2009

To p1wimax customer service,

Hi, I have subscribed for p1wimax on 14 Feb this year (Home plus package). However, i was given the Homelite package. I have discovered this after lodging into my online account on 15 Feb. I have been experiencing slow internet speed since the first day i used your service. The retail seller at Pelangi Mall (johor bahru), ah pang promised me to solve the issue by one week. However, he has been giving me blank promises each time. I have waited for 14 days and nothing seem to be done yet. I have called him to discuss on this issue for at least 8times.

In addition, i am very disappointed after calling your helpline for several times. Nothing can be done for me. Steve asked me to fax the receipt to your office in order to change the package plan for me. I have done so but another staff from your office claimed that he didnt receive the fax! Can you please kindly contact me asap!

Please and thank you.

A customer of yours,

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