Tuesday, April 07, 2009

p1wimax - my complaints were finally heard

Thank you philip for passing my message to the Manager.

Today was the most fruitful day between p1wimax and i.

Fazwan from billing deparment called me this morning, informing me about the waiving of my 2nd month fees. However, i still have to pay the first month bill, which totalled up to about RM 450. Fair enough!

During my lunch, Mr Ong (technician from JB) rang me up to book an appointment with me. He will come to my place to inspect regarding the slow internet connection. Fair enough.

After my lunch, Sam (Supervisor of customer service) called me. He actually receieved the forward email (in all capitalised words) from me yesterday.

Before i left the port, Kingston (Manager of customer service team) called me. He asked me for feedback regarding the customer service. And yeah, i took this chance to tell him ALL THE PROBLEMS that i have faced with p1wimax customer service team. Phillip actually passed my message to him last night. He promised to call me back time to time to check on the problem.

Thank you all for calling. I really appreciate your call. Thank you.

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