Sunday, February 22, 2009

Enjoying better Sex

We were given an oppurtunity to attend the talk on "Enjoying Better Sex : 10 years of Rediscvoring Passion" by Dr Rosie King at Mutiara Hotel this evening. It was a very intersting talk where we were shared with statistical studies on sex health in asean regions and the discovering of Viagra by an accident.

The first part was on the statistical studies. In Malaysia, it was found that Men ranked sex as the 8th (while women ranked sex as 14th) essential criteria in life after family, financial, religions, general health etc. It was found that viagra had significantly improved the general health and confidence of one in patient with ED (erectile dysfunction).

Viagra was officially approved by FDA at 1998. Some intersting facts :

1) Viagra is a PDE 5 inhibitor.
2) Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) was first used to treat hypertension. Then it was used in a study for angina patients. The study was abandoned because viagra is ineffective in treating angina. However, from that study, it was found that one of the adverse effects of sildenafil was erection. Thus, the discovery of Viagra in treating ED was an accident.
3) The subsequent study involved viagra in treating ED patients. It was found that a dose of 75mg or 100mg significantly improved erection in men with ED.
4) 1 billion of viagra were sold yearly with over 35 millions of viagra prescriptions. 6 tablets of viagra were consumed worldwide every 1 second.

After the talk, we were served with buffet. The food was good. :)

I couldnt answer this, can you help me please?

The ambient was excellent.

The only 'human' picture that i managed to snap. The 3 J's (L-R : jingmein, jen ing, jing yen)

The answer for the question i posted earlier in the post.

Even wonder how much each of this blue pill costs?

Rm50 - Rm 75 each. Can you imagine how much money pfizer manages to earn if 6 tablets of viagra are consumed every 1 second.

Target Grade 4 hardness - take Viagra


Anonymous said...

Since the Food and Drug Administration gave Viagra® its approval in 1998, "erectile dysfunction" has become a household term and now everyone seems to be comfortable talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Viagra, the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved anti-impotence drug is composed of specific inactive ingredients such as anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate et al and altogether the medicine contains sildenafil as the chief component. But the erectile dysfunction medicine viagra would yield effective results only when taken in accordance with the instructions of the doctor.