Saturday, February 21, 2009

ADV - Detective game

Do you like solving mysteries? If so, is the right choice for you as it offers countless challenging detective games.

I personally find it extremely interesting spending time playing detective games online. The game is played by following 3 simple steps, that is to firstly choose the clues and the suspects prior to solving the case. So how does the scoring system work? Points will be awarded for every clue identified and by solving the mystery. For each correct clue identified, whether it is the correct suspect or incriminate/exonerate, 2 points will be awarded. However, 1 point will be deducted for every wrong suspect or incriminate/exonerate marked. For every case solved, 10 points will awarded. This means that in a mystery with 5 clues in which all have been identified by the player, 20 points will be awarded if the player managed to solve the case as well. (5 clues at 2 points each plus 10 for solving the mystery).

After signing up, you get to choose all different kinds of mysterious cases from the mystery archives.


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