Tuesday, February 03, 2009

CNY house visiting tour

We managed to visit 5 houses and stay together as one team for about 13hours last saturday.

The 10 of us :

First destination was Hee Sheong's house in USJ. Met hs' younger sister for the first time. After that, we headed to Subang - vyeaw's new house. His parents treat us with finger-licking KFC there and this save us some money for lunch. (gam sia gam sia!!) Met his bro and dai sou for the first time.

Next, we headed to kajang. We spent quite a few hours gambling in luyi's house.

Group picture no 1 :

Group picture no 2 :

We had dinner at 'yeh lai xiang' in Kajang.

After dinner, we went to visit Kim Hoe's house in taman jasmine, Kajang.

The final destination was to Long Long River - Qristine's place.

At qris place, we had another gambling session + playing Bridge + playing Lami.

That is the end of house visiting and friends reunion.

Happy working to all of you!

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