Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pls, can i say NO?

I feel very pressured working in opd today.

If someone is talking to you but you choose to ignore that someone, that is very rude.

It is very rude to not answer someone's question in full also.

Yesterday, I volunteered for a campaign work for this sunday but i rejected the job today.

This is because I have a very bad feeling that i wont feel happy if i make it to sunday's campaign. I will have to try to make friends with someone who dont treat me as a friend. So there isnt any point for me to go. Now you understand why i said SOME of the frps are nice and VERy helpful in my previous post.

I didnt have a good time working with X and Y for the past few days. Today, I asked x, 'can you fetch me this sunday?'. Then X answered 'Oh, it is not convenient.' and immediately X walked away. It is so rude to not show concern to someone who is seeking for help. I feel very disappointed and i know i will have to face many black faces throughout my opd shift in future.

That is not the end. X gave me TONS of work for this weekend too. 'You do all this, this and this for me this weekend, since you are not on-call.' (Self added dialogue : Fei poh gave me all the work, so now i will pass you all the work!keke!)

If you are a nice person. I will definitely help you. But now...

Prps sekalian, Can i just say, 'NO'?


huiyin said...

just say NO!
u are not there to be bullied ok just say no!!not on call means u get to rest ma..not have added workload!just tell him u are not free.dunid to give reasons also.
if im u i'd just say NO and show black face lo.blacker than his!wtf

ti3nD said...

ohhh. aiihz. but i rarely show black face mah. zhui duo settle with my fists n legs. LOLZ.

ryn said...

NO NO NO!!!!! =P. U finally did it.

ti3nD said...

haha thks! :)