Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gotong Royong during valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day to all couples!!

Valentine's Day 2009 - Every staff from HSA was ordered to go back to HSA to 'Gotong Royong' yesterday.


This is our resting room

Some labels were hand written

Drugs are labelled according to their classes

The very expensive Plavix = Clopidogrel

I was placed in the outpatient department. Jen Inn + ah sing + me were incharged of changing ALL THE LABELS from the counters. 3 of us were under Pn. Farah (picture below).

We were given a short break at 11am - served with nasi lemak and orange juice.

It is actually a 'mission impossible' - copy down all the drug names accordingly, check the quantity, type the details in excel and sort them in a list, check mims for 'before food/after food', type the drug names again in words and finally replace the old labels with these new labels. After 4 hours, we only finished 1/10 for the counters. But the rest who incharged for the resting room and the 'papan kenyataan' have done a good job.


That was what we have done for 4 hours - we copied down approximate 2/3 of the drugs name and we only managed to make new labels for these 6 drugs shown below.

Good luck and gambateh bah to whoever who will be ordered to 'gotong royong' at outpatient department next 6 months.

I was the first to reach tmnet yesterday's morning to enquire about streamxy. The day before i sacrificed my lunch hour to go there and i came back to work after waiting for one number to pass. All my efforts on streamxy were wasted - because i found an alternative to online.

People, let me introduce to you - P1 W1Max.

I went to Pelangi Mall alone to enquire about P1W1Max. I signed up for a 12 month contract, brought home a modem with 2 cables (one connect modem to the ac power, another connect modem to your pc) and the best thing is that i dont have to pay a single cent YET. Newly registered member like myself are given a 15days trial with full money back guarantee.

So i managed to go online 3 hours after i came back from pelangi mall. You dont need to apply another tm line to go online. Isnt that great????

Many of you might be interested to know the speed W1Max as compared to streamxy. I cant answer you right now because Pang (the salesman) submitted for Home Lite package (rm49 with 312kbps) for me instead of Home Plus (rm99 with 1.2mbps). I think the Home Plus package is a better deal compared to Streamxy Combo (Rm110 with 1.0mbps). I will definitely blog about P1W1Max again when my package has been changed to Home Plus in a few days time.

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