Thursday, May 29, 2008

lets face the scariest day together

"Dear Students,

Just to advise you that should you be called for an oral examination, the list will be posted on SPIDER on 30th May by 5pm.

The oral examinatin will take place on Wednesday 4th June in the morning.

I wish you well in your exams.



Many of you should be aware that the oral list will be out this friday. DAMN SCARY!

You will be called for oral examination for any of the following reasons :
1) you failed any of your exam (exclude pp3)
2) the Board Mark falls in a band of 1% below any award classification band i.e. 69%, 59%, 49%

According to seniors, you will be questioned by 3 different lecturers, covering what we have learnt for 4 years. Yes, they will be questioning us regarding exam-type of questions also!!! -________-" Results are normally release after oral examination.

pls pls pls exclude my name in the list.

Anyone know the exact way to calculate CMA?

If we follow the one written in the student's handbook, that means what seniors told me were bullshit. They said if you get high marks for pharm care and research project, you will be able to get a distinction. But how high is consider high? Theoretically, if you get 70 and above, it is gona help you pull up your CMA, but if you get below 70, means it is going to pull down your CMA. So means, if you want to get distinction, both subjects must be higher than 75, if you want to get merit, both need to be over 65 etc...

And i try again and again, it seems really hard to reach my target.

All the best everyone!

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