Thursday, May 29, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 3 results

Congratulation to George Sampson and Strike for winning a place in saturday's final.

It was a very clear cut for George Sampson to win the public votes last night.

George showed us his strong will in winning Britains got talent final. The public love him. The judges gave excellent comments on his performance. Piers said "Sir Winston Churchill said 'never give up' and you never gave up. You were winning in the rain". "I want it for you as badly as you do," said Amanda through her tears. And Simon said, "We know this could change your life. You get my vote. You were terrific".

Then, it is down to judges to choose between Strike or Charlie Green to proceed to saturday's final.


Charlie took a great risk by singing a song written by his dad's idol. Indeed, it was a wrong choice. The judges love young charming charlie but they hated the song.

Piers was confused. "Everything about you says you're a star, but I'm not entirely sure that I liked the song that much - but I do like you".

Amanda nodded. "I think you're delicious and you are such a pro but I agree with Piers".

"You're a ten and the song was a two," said Simon. "It really upsets me because I want to see you in the final."

In the end, Amanda and Piers chose Strike over Charlie Green.

Simon speaks first. "Charlie you were hampered by your song choice but you have huge potential. Stike you are unique, one of myfavouite auditions. But as far as potential to win goes...Charlie.

Amanda: "I have no difficulty making this decision. I am 100% putting Strike through!"

Piers: "Okay... Strike".

And this one here is comparable to the Micheal Machell who played the star war's theme song on the first night. Their performances were rubbish.

Lets boo the Deans of Magic. This was the first team that was buzzed off prior to completion. BoooooooOOoooo!!

Next, i think Hoop La La did a wonderful performance last night. They managed to impress the judges as well.

Other performances included Irresistible, 23 girls + 1 boy dance group mary halford march, and Urban Gypsies.

That is the end of britains got talents 2008 semi final day 3 - George Sampson and Strike will be performing again in saturday's final together with Signature and Kate & Gin (day 1 winners) and Andrew Johnston and Cheeky Monkeys (day 2 winners).

Tonight, we are going to see young singer Faryl smith vs scotland singer Andrew Muir. Together with them in semi final day 3 are James stone, The harlequins, Vizage, Jeremy Lynch, The Boogie Babes and Charlie Wernham. See you there same time, ITV channel 5, 8.30pm!

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cYbeR FiSh™ said...

racist!bias!cis..i like wee charlie green.T_T

ti3nD said...

that is the first thing that comes up in our mind - racist. But surprisingly, he was voted to be top 3 woot. Charlie is definitely a great singer, he is so confident when he sings. just too bad judges hated the song...