Saturday, May 31, 2008

britains got talents 2008 semi finals day 5 results

Congratulation to Escala and Nemesis for making it through to the final.

As expected, the quartet playing with srings - Escala was voted to be first last night. It is so obvious that they are the public favourite at all time. Watch their audition performance here first if you hasnt.

The judges were so impressed by their performance again.Piers was astounded by their act: “I think bookmakers all over the country are ripping up their books because you have just became the red-hot favourites!” Amanda beamed: “If that doesn’t get the royal seal of approval, I don’t know what will.” Which was followed up with Simon’s assessment of their performance as: “simply phenomenal.” The question is, can they win in today grand final?

Then it is down to judges to choose beween between the dance group Nemesis and the comedian Craig Harper for a second place for saturday's final.


It was age versus youth, tradition versus the future, and it was a decision not many people would have liked to make. After a yes each from Piers and Amanda, it was down to Simon to cast the deciding vote. “If I was choosing with my heart it would be you Craig” he said: “But I’m going with my head… so I choose Nemesis.”

Next, this one here where they judges should really press their buzzle but i dont get it why they didnt. -_____-" Lets give a big hand to Anya Spark for her spirit in showing big girl power. -_-"

I will go 100% with Simon that they isnt one person in this world that would pay money to watch this performance. -_-"

It didnt work quite well for Madona Decena to grab some sympathy votes from the public.

Other not so bad performances included Diva Las Vegas, sexy babes Carbulesque, singing duo Per Diem.

Who is your favourite among the ten finalists?

Escala and Nemesis, together with Signature, Kate and Gin, Andrew Johnston, Strike, George sampson, checky monkeys, Faryl smith, Andrew Muir will be in action again on tonight's final.

Tune in to ITV1 tonight at 6.50pm to join in the magic.

Turn over for ....More Talent on ITV2 after the show to celebrate the show's biggest and best moments.

Then return for the results show which airs on ITV1 at 9.30pm.

And ...More Talent dissects the evening's events one last time on ITV2 at 10pm.

Im getting really excited for britains got talent 2008 grand final. See you guys there :)

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