Friday, May 30, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 4 results

Britains got talent 2008 semi finals Day 4 is over.

The result for top 2 to go into saturday's final was very clear cut. Without any questions, Faryl Smith won everyone's heart and managed to get a place into saturday's final by having the highest public votes. I didnt expect Jeremy Lynth to qualify, instead i thought james stone did well. But his singing is more for older generation, so may be that is the reason why he didnt get enough votes to qualify.

Then, it was down to Jeremy Lynth and Andrew Muir, where the judges will play a role in deciding who should go into saturday's final. It was obvious, hence Andrew won over Jeremy easily when Piers and Amanda voted for Andrew without any difficulty.


Jeremy made a big mistake of dropping his ball twice, and this was the main reason for Simon and Piers to press the buzzle. Andrew's voice is great. Also as for his shoes and watch, the yellow striking color are so 'outstanding' last night. The judges hope when he comes back for final later on, instead of singing a good song, they want him to sing a great song. One more thing to bear in mind for Andrew - to change his pairs of yellow shoes.

Congratulation to Farly Smith and Andrew Muir.

Simon can be very professional at one time, but sometimes, he is just too much. Like last night, he cant stand the singing from vizage, and he pressed the buzzle on behalf of Amanda. It was so rude for Simon to do that and Amanda was so mad at him. 12 millions of people are watching the fight between the two of you - Simon and Amanda. If you think you can dominate this semi finals, then what is the point of having Amanda as a judge? Its really funny to see the judges argue each day. Lolz. The vizage are very determined of their own acts. However, they made a really big mistake to stay stubborn and continue to sing while they act, this further aggravates the judges. They have paid a big price for their stubborn attitudes. Pity the vizage.

Their performance was stunning and her singing wasnt that bad rite? Come on, at least better than Michael Machell or Kay.

Day 4 was kicked off by a 52 year old club singer James Stone.

Other performances included funny guy Charlie wernham, Harlequins and Boogie Babes.

Wanna be on Britain's Got Talent? Britain's got talent 2009 is open for application now.

So go on! Apply now!

Programme makers are now accepting applications from everyone! You can be any age and have any skill... as long you can entertain the people, you could be our ultimate winner!

Okay now seriously, if you have got real potential and wanna be part of it, take the challenge and apply it here.

8 out of ten finalists have been selected to perform on saturday's night final. They are Signature, Kate and Gin, Andrew Johnston, Cheeky Monkeys, George sampson, Strike, Faryl Smith and Andrew Muir.

The final 8 perfomances that we are going to see are singing duo Per Diem, Escala, Dance group Nemesis, Solo dance by Anya Sparks, superstar singer Madonna Decena, Caburlesque, Diva Las Vegas and Craig Harper. Dont miss out the last semi finals tonight at 9pm stv channel 5, see you there.

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