Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 2 results

So, its the end of day 2 of Britains Got Talents Semi Final. Without any doubt, the most famous performance goes to Andrew Johnston.

A video that is going to have more than a million views...

Andrew was very nervous last night. He was lacked of confidence initially but then he slowly picked up his confidence and eventually ended the song perfectly. His voice is clear powerful and beautiful. Piers said "I think you are the favourite to win the whole competition." Amanda said "You did make me tear up but I managed to hold it together." And finally Simon commented that "The first third was shaky. Then halfway thorough you got your confidence up. You are a very talented young man." As expected, Andrew made his way to the final by having the highest public votes last night.

It was a very tough choice to make for the other one to go into the Saturday's final.

It was between Cheecky Monkeys and Flava.


On one side, its the super cute dance duo cheeky monkeys - Charlie & Krista. They are so professional and so lively. They are very enegertic and are able to show a very good combination in dancing. The crowds love them. The judges adore them.

On the other hand, the dance group Flava turned up to be equally strong. Their first performance during audition was incredible. It was really great. They were the first group to make Simon changed his mind to accept hoodies. “You have done one thing incredible, you’ve just made hoodies acceptable. I love that you have done it yourself, you are raw talent and you are as good as what I’ve seen in America. There a lot of people getting a hard time in this country at the moment, particularly young people and I just think you are an incredible representation of the good that is out there.” They did a very great performace last night also. However, their dream of spreading the positive message via dance was broken when Amanda and Simon chose Cheeky Monkeys over Flava to enter Saturday's final.

Other not-so-good performances on Britains got talents semi final 2 included big-group-39-members Mandy Ellen dancers, bang on using recyclable items, the surgeon+master magician Sauris Nandi, old friends Kay and Harvey, the contortionist Iona.

Congratulations to Andrew Johnston and Cheeky Monkeys for making it through into the final to join Signature and Kate & Gin.

The Britains Got Talents 2008 Semifinal 3 Schedule is out.

Tonight, those in action are extreme martial art Strike, Hoop La a, The Deans of Magic, Charlie Green, Irresistible, Mary Halford March, Urban Gypsies and George Samspon.

See ya same time ITV channel 5, 8.30pm! Good luck!

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cYbeR FiSh™ said...

i like Bang On! *cries*
saw them performing during Edinburgh Fringe Festival..they were GREAT!stupid judges actually suggested them doing it with music..darn.they were seriously good!

ti3nD said...

wow. its okay larh, they can stil continue with street performace and all. its definitely a wrong choice, the music was too loud and nono for last nite's performance mah.