Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals Day 1 results

What is Britains Got Talents to you?

All you need is a dream and some balls to go for it.

Here is the 32 confirmed semifinalists out of 40 for Britains Got Talents 2008 :

Boogie Wonderland
Kate and Gin
Tracey Lee Collins
Signature (Suleman Mirza)
Dean Wilson
Michael Machell
Sophie Mei
Phil Blackmore

Charlie Green
George Sampson
Craig Harper
Madonna Decena
Andrew Johnston
Faryl Smith
Anya Sparks
Charlie Wernham
Jeremy Lynch
Per Diem
Hoop La La
Strike (Extreme Martial Arts)
Cheeky Monkeys
Urban Gypsies
Iona the Contortionist
Kay and Harvey
Deans of Magic
Nemesis Crew
Andrew Muir

The first 8 semifinalists have performed last night. The results for Britains got talents 2008 Semi finals first day were out 10 mins right after the show. Some were outstanding while some were seriously out of their form.

Lets take a look at the top 2 performances of the night -

Please welcome Signature

They didnt let us down and managed to perform their best last night. The crowds and judges love their original michael jackson + hindi dance mix! Keep it going Signature! Signature managed to win a place in this saturday Final by having the highest public votes.

and please welcome Kate and her smart dog - Gin

Simon commented that Gin is the most talented dog in Britain during the first audition, Today, He rephrased his word and claimed the 2nd performance was one of the most talented performances in the world! WowwWww!

Congratulations to Signature and Kate & Gin, see you in final again!

Something unexpected, He/She took simon's words seriously and gave us some surprise here -

Its Tracey!! WooooWwww. Perfect cross-dressed! Nice performance but he/she is just not good enough to enter the final.

Phil Blackmore performed badly last night. It was quite disappointing as compared to the first time. You can watch the video here and compared it with the first time here.

And the worst ever performance of the night goes to Michael Machell -

The crowds doesnt like Michael, and they booed him throughout his performance. I agree 101% with simon that this guy dont deserve a place into the semi finals. He questioned about simon's knowledges in music in the end of the show. In addition, he said to Simon "What you know about music can be written on the back of a postage stamp!". He sucks. Fullstop. Anyway, i think that the judges put him through to aid the elimination process during semi finals. LOLZ.

Other videos related to britains got talents 2008 semi finals day 1 are Boogie Wonderland, Sophie Mei and Dean Wilson.

Its quite sad for Dean Wilson to be eliminated after being voted as the 3rd best performance of the night. But it was really tough for everyone to vote. You can watch the recap for day 1 semifinal here. Cant wait to watch tonight's show, where we will be able to watch young choirister Andrew Johnston and the Mongolian contortionist Iona again, 8.30pm stv channel 5, see you there!

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