Sunday, March 16, 2008

Last lecture for my life - part2!

When i entered imu, everything started to change. The environment and the lecture timetable have changed me. Sem 2 is a honeymoon for everyone. I started to slack since then. And the BAD habit is still inside me right now!! Sem4 is a killing semester back in imu. All of us got through eventually. And the next hurdle was sem6. It was a freaking crazy sem! I still managed to struggle through during the exam periods. Unfortunately, pp3 was an unbeatable hurdle till now.

When autumn arrived, the weather was noted. It got colder day by day since the beginning of october. Sunrise was at 7.07am and sunset at 7.07pm. Sem7 was the easiest sem in glasgow. It was another 'lui shi' sem to further develop my BAD habit. It called for an end for sem7 finally after the hectic research project weeks.

Sem 8 started immediately then. It was bad. And with a blink of eyes, we attended the LAST lecture in sem8 yesterday. -_______-"

Im both SAD and SCARED!

Still remembered i was talking about the TATT and TATTTEF symptoms?

It was the Tired All The Time symptoms and Tachycardia All The Time Till Exam Finish symptoms.

They are really evil. @_@

So that was the last lecture we had with christene dufes, our beloved french lecturer who mis-pronounced ORGANISM to ORGASM. It was recorded by phaik ling on her blog.

After the lecture, we watched a slide show made by Ss queen. Simple and nice. It was a great video of US - P105 since the first day in IMU.

IMU-Strahclyde Class 2008

Next, we had some pictures inside the lecture hall and outside the sibs building.

And finally, it was down to the few 'batang' left to take pictures...

A final-FINAL group pic -

The ball tickets were out yesterday!

Sem 8 GG ----> after pharmcare essays, research project, pp3 resit and EOS!

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