Sunday, January 27, 2008

Say bye bye to sem7!


time filies!

sem 7 ended yesterday. everybody said bye bye to lab session. and all we left with now is ONE MORE SEM to go. 2 months packages include pharm care presentation + One final year project report(~80pgs) + 3 pharmcare reports (3k words each) + 1 cpp report (another 2k words) + more classtests to go before the FINALS in may.


Time Flies!

dds classtest results + pp3 resit results still unreveal. PRAY HARD!

afta may = GG = holidays + wait for lou poh to come :)

study study study study study study lorh!!!!

Working with EA is alwiz awesome. :) Been busy n stopped for quite sometime (2wks) n resumed the weekend job today.

my lunch was jus aweSome!

Final day to relax before sem 8 starting on monday. walaoyeah! one NEW sem in 3days time -______-"

gambateh lorh!

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