Thursday, March 06, 2008

what a day?

BEEN rushing to finish up my cpp essay for the past few days.

Yeah few days - Full day somemore lerh!

My topic - A 62 year old female patient with advanced breast cancer and oestrogen-receptor-positive tumour.

At my first glance, i thought "wtf, why so hard geh? It is so unfamiliar. After checking the bnf and nice and sign guidelines, i was stil lost! i scolded the one word again

----------> DENG!"

Alrite, i was noob. After spending more time looking at the differences in cancer, i realised that my topic wasnt that tough actually. So i continued. For the past few days. lolz.

Oh, and last night, FIRE ALARM RANG AT 5.50am FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!


At my first thought, alarm clock arh? No lerh, continuosly ringing erh, FIRE ALARM LARH - so i immediately switched on the light, wore my jeans and jacket, went to the toilet, and walked out jbc units UNWILLINGLY.

AGAIN, i repeated the same old one word, this time my frustration lasted 10 words

------> DENGggGgggggGggGgggG!!!

Eventually, it was found out that ah ju mah lui shi this time. Cooking supper/breakfast at 5.50am in the morning. @_____@

Tried to get back to sleep for another hour before gp visits! but unfortunately, FAILED. @_@

GP visits to clydebank health centre is rather money-wasting!

Get your direction by visiting google map and plan your journey via national rail!

But it did help me to learn alot more regarding the systematic system in all clinics here in glasgow - what hui ming said the other time was true - hythothesis proven. haha.

1) Computer system works super well, damn geng!

2) 10mins to see each patient, which makes the doctor to rush through consultation session.

3) If you are working with NHS, you get paid the same, regardless of how many patient you see each day, thus, it leads doctor to become SLACK at times!

4) patient know very well about the drugs that they are taking

"Patients here are VERY VERY well-informed! They know what drugs they are taking (brand AND generic name!), when the dosage has been increased and why, and also the side effects! Not like in Malaysia where people just ambik the meds saja k! - hui ming's"

5) Dr Miller is very nice to us! just go there, sit down, observe and chit chat nia. He spent about 10mins searching google earth with us, searching where malaysia is! @___@

So, before i left, i have learnt a new abbreviation from Dr Miller, it was about the TATT symptoms. Many of us have this symptoms, many of the time. LOLZ.

And i finally finished my cpp essay. Hurray! Yippee! Song!!! not yet call for GG though, tomorrow only check again bah!

Gambateh for everyone larh!

Not to forget, tomorrow is the first day that we get to watch malaysia dreamgirl online! You can watch it here!

Before i end my lousy-long-personal-blog entry today, i reviewed to you the TATT symptoms -

How tired is being too tired?


true boh?

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