Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Last lecture for sem 8!!!

Im not kidding and i guessed everyone should have realised that the lecture this coming friday will be the LAST lecture for the ENTIRE pharmacy course!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it is already 3 years and a month since we entered IMU in Feb 2005.

- P105 seniors -


AND now im talking about the LAST lecture for the entire pharmacy course? pengsan + TATTTEF symptoms - tachycardia all the time till exams finish symptoms.

On the other hand, p106 juniors will be entering their FINAl week (4days of eos exams) from next monday onwards; which means, they are calling an end for sem5 too!!!

- P106 Juniors -

Gambateh bah everyone!!!

By the way, Matta fair 2008 is coming this weekend!!


14 March 2008 until 16 March 2008

Organizer : Matta
Venue : PWTC, Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to MATTA FAIR MARCH 2008!"

For those who are in Malaysia or wish to tour around Malaysia, you can even book your holidays via matta fair online promotion. E.g.
Perhentian Island - Bubu Long Beach Resort - BUY 3 FREE 1

Besides that, MAS Airline is still giving out some good deals right now via online.

But it is quite problematic to me. Cause its from Malaysia to London Heathrow. Then Ryanair only travels from London Stansted to Glasgow prestwick. How????

Any advice from you guys? Or just wait for Matta fair 2008 then only see how?

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