Wednesday, September 26, 2007

happie mooncake fest!

26 sep, tues

TODAY is a double-celebrations for me, my day is just smooth n nice! Firstly today is mooncake fest - according to sm, one mooncake from chung ying costs about 5pounds, therefore we dont plan to get any here...sighhHhh @@ we plan to hav a gathering tonite, jus to drink, not too late for me though, cos i nid to get up at 5.45am..T.T Secondly - ahemm...300days with my lou poh zai ;) heee... ;)

im still working with eurest @ HP, they actually requested me to work for them for next week also, but i need to check my timetable on this friday first before confirming with them. ;) i love my lunch so much with eurest. I had scampi (the tails of large prawns, fried in breadcrumbs) + curly fries + corns n greenpeas + jelly pudding with mixed grapes yesterday n i had shredded pork n vegetables stir fry + steamed rice + green peas + chocalate chips gateau + a-cock ale soup this afternoon. hope i hav alot of free time nex week, so that i can continue to work for them.

wee yeaw is back finally. he moved out a month ago. hehe... we had pork steaks + greenpeas +wedges+boiled rice+egg toast for dinner. it was great!!!! we can cook, seriously! ;p

ohh ya, wanna post this pic long time ago...
there u go, the recent IMU, wow - with a new 4-storey building, which we (p105) dont get to use!

Some updates on the weather in glasgow, since autumn begins, it is getting colder these days, n one big changes is that the sun rises late, only at 7.07am n sunset at 7.07pm, as compared to 11pm during the first day we reached here.

to my dearest, thks for staying with me, apart by distance but never in heart! i will treasure u for my entire life, stay strong with me n we will make it through k! miss n love u so much...

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