Monday, January 21, 2008

Praying for the best!!

We stepped into pp3 lab once again this morning, suffered throughout the 3hours. We seriously hope that this will be the last time for us.

The constant support from friends and loved ones must be expressed here ...

A card from mr.lau vyeaw - very early, about 3days ago.

He made a note and requested me to show him my victory(like the tiger shown above) after the test. Qris vyeaw smiin and kwern were all waiting outside the lab. I was down and disappointed and just walked to my locker.
Thank you!

A cup cake from hazel on saturday's night.

Thank you!!

Mars chocolate from ms.chua pl.

Thank you!!

Thorntons chocolate from tan. kwern.

Thank you!!

To qristine, khang wern, luyi and vyeaw - Thank you for spending so much time to help us revise pp3!!!

Green bean tong shui + good luck wish from smiin...

Thank you!!

Lucky angel from ms.Q

Thank you!!

Ferroro rocher plus lucky star from ms chee lyin...

Thank you!!

Good luck cadbury chocolate from mr.Alebugger...

Thank you!!

Mr lau vyeaw boiled one BIG POT of CHICKEN soup

with scallops and red dates...

Thank you!!

Uncle lame made us this card, sticking at the toilet's door.. lolz.

Thank you!!

Miss pink tapaoed this for us from burger king...

Thank you!!

Good luck wish from tan pjoo over skype...

Thank you!!

And my lou poh made me this!!! :)

Thank you lou poh, so loving them!! :)

Cheer up people! We will just pray hard and hope for the best!! good luck!


Lim Wei Meng said...

how come u post up jian's item build pula...thought u should post ur item? -.-''

weithian said...

=.=" and i did wish you too! but thru MSN la. you didn't savvveee :(:( haha. jk!

so nice of everyone:)

ti3nD said...

uncle : haha. i jus put a close up one for laughter.

thian : got larh got larh. u wished me quite early time. Thanks! :)

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