Sunday, January 27, 2008

Creating sound with a mixer

Have you ever wondered how does one actually recreate the voice of a creature that lived more than 60 million years ago???

BRICE CARRINGTON has succefully created the sound effect of 'T-Rex Eating" back in the movie - Jurassic Park.

A little bit of background information on BRICE CARRINGTON - He was the man who created Ultimate FX which contributes to feature films, video games, software and ring tones. He uses 6 microphones to create a true 5.1 surround sound. Besides that, all the sounds are recorded directly in the field by Brice.

Lets go back to Jurassic Park - How do we record the sound effect of "T-Rex Eating"?

A male african lion was used as the base of the voice. The reasons behind it were that the voice can be heard up to five miles away under proper conditions and it created a sense of fear. Additional sounds were mixed, such as the crunch of a male lion eating bones, hogs wallowing in water, an elephant roar, a lion tearing flesh and push lawn mower. Other examples of successful sound effects include the bat mobile from 'Batman Returns", the pulse gun from "Eraser" and the noisy cricket sound from "Men in Black".

The process of producing sound effect can be divided into several steps, namely recording from the field, recording in the studio, mixing editing with various hardwares and softwares.

For more info on creating sound with a mixer, visit BRICE CARRINGTON today!


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