Friday, January 25, 2008

4 seasons in ONE day!


When i was preparing breakfast this morning, i saw a wee bit of snow. It started to snow more and more progressively and we can clearly see the snow significantly. However, it didnt last long. It lasted about 5mins nia. it was at around 1030am this morning. Kim claimed that this morning at 6something, it snowed heavily too.

Then it turned into dark-cloudy sky. I walked to the computer lab after breakfast and it was raining at that time .

After 2hours, the weather turned again. This time we can see clear sky with bright sun pulak.

It was at 2something, while i was having my lunch in my room, there were something hitting my windows constantly. There were super alot of 'hujan batu' falling down. I was quite excited and my effort of collecting them with a small plastic bag failed. lolz.

Then, sunny day again till 4pm when sun began to set. There was also gale (a very strong wind)during the night. And it is raining right now at 11.50pm.

~ pics from minimei...~

~ pic from darren ~

~ snowing video from minimei ~

My first boss in glasgow is looking for people to work quite desperately.....

No WORK = no $$$ = No nike shoe = mou heng

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