Wednesday, January 23, 2008

2 weeks long lab session with mr. NICE!!

10 days of lab session with mr.nice guy was alrigt!! :)

We are really fortunate under his supervision. He helped us so damn much! It is like a guided experiment. He is needed in almost each and every step of the protocol. OKay, we dont have lab sessions actually. What we did throughout the 2weeks were to face the computer, all the time, 9days long, there is once when we spent almost 3hours figuring out someting, but mr nice guy just spent 5mins to solve that. You see the difference between pros and noobs at this stage.

We can be very hardworking at some stages ...

AND we are serious in work too, just that we are slightly photo-sensitive.....

This is the computer room, with 6pcs, 12people working at the same time. The size of the room is merely the size of my room!!! @___@

We have so much of breaks that we can actually choose when and what time to pop back into the lab, as long as we get our work done. There will be only a small amount of work to be completed each day. Throughout the time, we were guided by either mr nice guy or ms rachel, nothing is really too tough for us to handle alone.

Lets look at what is so tough to be solved ...

THey are trying to solve SOLITAIRE!!! lolz.

A happy-ended group pics - all 12 of us plus mr. nice guy!



Zhi Yong said...

wow, u have the same lab as mine.. had fun in virtual screening??

ti3nD said...

haha. yeap. very nice. blair is super nice!!!!!

ming ying they all browsed thru ur report today.

u actually combined both ur results n discussion lerh!

will seek ur advice nex time! :)

Anonymous said...

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