Tuesday, January 29, 2008

here they come, again...

After 3months of peaceful days, they come again - JBC HSE INSPECTION

Although everyone is busy with this new sem, projects, presentation, but we all have no choice but to take up sometime to gather and do something about it together!

It is actually a good activity to get us moving, get us to do some hsechores. I mean, we all are lazy fellows, some basic hsechores are unavoidable and anyone will just volunteer to do it, but things like spending an hour just to squat there and clean the toilet floor, clean the blind spot behind the fridge, gosok the freaking griller and all, who will go and do without an inspection? so , afterall, it is something good to FORCE us to do something. lolz.

SEE, Everybody is preparing for the inspection.

Many of our house will be inspected on this coming wednesday, while some staying on the top floors will be inspected tomorrow.

a true fact : there will be a minimum fine of 30pounds after the first warning..

GOOD LUCK peeps!

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