Wednesday, July 25, 2007

treat the end of classtest 1 like end of degree exams ;p

24 july, tues

Huuuurrrraaayyy! FMT 1 classtest was over!!!! although it is the very first paper n we will be sitting for pp3 classtest2 + fmt2 classtest next week, but still.... @@ We treat today as our special day, a day that worth a small celebration! satisfied ;)

~ broccoli plus carrot, japanese toufu n pork slices plus mushrooms, masala chicken plus potatoes ~

~ si lai hsemates n i ~

n i curi curi take a pic of other hsemates punya dinner...they said they cincai cook nia worh tonight.... haha...

Today was a off-day for us as compared to yesterday. Feeling abit STRESS but dont have to study, YET. haha...gambateh bah my frens, 6 more papers to go!! @___@

Here are some updates of last week's cooking, still as delicious ;p

My hsemates cook 'bak kut teh' wok mee for me last fri because i was skyping in the room. As a return, i cooked fried rice for them on the following evening. This is called mutual interaction at block H3. ;p

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