Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random post

Malaysian Dreamgirl

It is getting more competitive now where each week, the gal with the lowest vote will be kicked out of the contest. Jean withdrew from the contest. The first week is over, who will be out from the 11 dreamgirls left??

The futsal session with 7 other guys was so fun! Although the goal seems a wee bit smaller as compared to the one we play back in Malaysia, but the chances of scoring goal is still very high. After subscibing membership to the gym, we make full use of it by going swimming, gym, and book court for games quite regularly. And yes, sem8 is over (after the final exams) @_@ soon, so right now we are super free! There will be more games next week onwards, so join us for games the next time if you like.

IMU-Strathclyde Pharmacy Students Last group pic

We had a final group pic with labcoat on. That was our last lecture on 14th of March! Gonna step into proffesional field as a pharmacsit in another 4months time? nah... for me, i will have a longer break :P


Kenny Choo said...

OMGness! not 2 left. 3!!!

alison eliminated still okay.... but why natasha???

ti3nD said...

haha. yeah.. 9 left now. stil cannot accept the fact that hanis n nadia is stil in the show. @_@