Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blogger updates

Finally submitted my 2 pharmcare essays this morning. It took me alot of time to finish them. The contented feeling is just GREAT. same like the time when i completed my cpp essay.

Many of you should be aware that PSD is due on 31 of march. But some have claimed that it is due today. -_-" It was totally rubish-waste-of-time to update the psd thingy. But we have no choice but to do it, to fake it, as it is worth 5 credits.

Take a peep at your module learning objectives and keep repeating similar plans/outcomes for different subjects.

it took me a full one hour to update ----> DENG!@_@

The weather in glasgow is getting very weird. Yes, very weird. Besides 4 season in one day, strong gale, hailing, WE have snowing during SPRING here yesterday :P

Photo take from uncle lim

We thought that it snowed for the last time on the 14th but obviously we were wrong. The temperature was as low as -6 degrees in the midnight. Eh people, something like KIRUNA during december according to what my friends said!

A small reminder for all, Daylight Saving Time (DST) will start this Sunday, 30th march 2008. We have earned an extra hour during october. And now it is the paying back time. SOBS! This sunday, 1.00am will need to be adjusted to 2.00am GMT. SOBS. Check out local glasgow time here.

And it is back to 7hrs difference between Malaysia and Uk.

Take a look at the currecy exchange rates. GBP and US dollars have dropped drastically recently. It is mistaken that the exchange rate will rise right after malaysia general election, but it is not!

On the other hand, The new Information Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said that he will hear the views and will not ignore bloggers. He realised that blogs are actually alternative powerful media for bloggers like us to voice out views.

I actually missed the news until i read it from kenny's blog.

The Star, Saturday March 22, 2008

Shabery to hear out bloggers

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will not control bloggers but will consider their views as well. That is the assurance given by newly-appointed Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek who is planning a meeting with the blogging community “in the next few weeks to hear them out”.

Source taken from thestar online

See?? bloggers like us can actually have a big influnces on many things!!! Although 80% of the time we are just crapping! :P

- Happie blogging peeps -


Kenny Choo said...

Lolz they are too late le... Now they need to wait another 5 yrs for all the bloggers to judge on them again... Good or bad! Haha

At least they did something la. Coz if follow their modus-operandi, they will just careless bout us.

ti3nD said...

hmmm.. yeah u are right. this type of things always happen.

bloggers hav one set of views. while the major newspapers report another set of views.

and we, the malaysian should judge who to trust bah!